Coins & Paper Money Coins Medieval
M39-02 Siam, Bullet money, 1350-1564AD silver 3.5 grams
Silver Dragon Dollar 1897 Guangxu CHINA Old Kiangnan Province 7.2 Mace
ancient Chinese shipwreck coin made into pendant / necklace !!
Large 10 Cash__SONG DYNASTY AE35__Emperor Hui Zong__GOLDEN AGE OF CHINA___1100's
GOLD FANAM OF TIPU SULTAN_____Tiger of Mysore_____MINTED IN THE 1700's
Asia----Very Small 15mm Cast Brass Coin----Unknown Origin
Ancient Roman coins on auction at Toronto Coin Expo
When Jim Bakes was a teenager in the late 1950s, there was a store called Carmichael’s on Bloor St. The shop sold ancient Roman coins, silver denarii and gold aurei that gleamed from a display case in the ... of starting a collection hasn’t.
Legal Tender Coins to Mark 2013
New Zealand Post has released the 2013 edition in its ongoing series of currency coin sets ... the 2013 New Zealand Annual Coin – with a face value of $5 - featuring the short-tailed bat. This unique and ancient species of bat is listed by DOC ...
Lear Capital Offers 20-for-1 Deal on the $10 Indian Head Gold Coin
In 1905, famed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens took up the challenge of revitalizing ... Saint-Gaudens fashioned an avant-garde $10 gold coin that features Lady Liberty wearing a Native American headdress on the front and the majestic American Eagle ...
Million-dollar coin collection comes to the Valley
That's when, at a big trade show, she came across a relatively common Byzantine coin from 900 A.D. The front bore the image of Jesus Christ and on the back was inscribed "King of ... She paid $100 for the coin and began her journey to share the history ...
Visit (Auctioneer ID# 4958) for Photos of every lot, and Catalog Order of Sale. Doors open at 11:30 A.M. Sunday June 16 for a period of inspection. Pick up your complimentary catalog at the door. First lot sells 1 P.M. sharp. FEATURING ...
2 old china coin spade money
Ten Kingdoms/ Qian Feng Quan Bao Iron 38.3mm (天)
Tibet Silver Szechuan Half Rupee vertical rosette Emperor Guang Xu 1904 Qing Dyn
Hartill22.714 Red Copper Xian Feng 1000 Cash Revenue Bao Quan Mint 1854 Beijing
Silver Dragon Dollar 1911 (3rd year of the rule of Xuan Tong) Qing Empire Dollar
The Last Emperor Puyi Xuan Tong, Dragon Copper 1 Li China EMPIRE 1910 AD
Silver Bullet Coin Rare Demon Stamp Pod Duang Money Thailand / Laos 19mm 24g
Silver Dragon 10 Cents Emperor Guangxu 1898 Year 24 CHINA Fungtien 7.2 Candareen
China Lots Of Cash Coins!!!
Hartill 22.712 Red Copper Xian Feng 500 Cash Revenue Bao Quan Mint 1854 Beijing
Eighteenth Century Silk Road Coins,Ancient Khanate of Kokand Silver Coins.
Hartill 6.15 ANCIENT CHINA Dong Zhou ROUND-HOLED COIN Zhou Dynasty 700-255 BC Ea
old dogpach coin 1968 good condition collectible item worth money
RARE China Qi State knife money 770-476 BC Qi Zhi Fa Hua, 4 characters knife
Nishu Kin, Gold / AR Bar, Ingot of The Samurai Period of Japan, 1832 – 1858 AD.
Hartill 3.389 Wang Yi Square foot spade money, ANCIENT CHINA Zhou dynasty 457 BC
Chinese Qing Dynasty Copper Rating currency Coins Statue
*UNC* China ND 1111 ZhengHe Tongbao/Zhongbao Regular Script Rare Copper Coin!
N. Song/ Yuan Feng TB 2 Cash 30mm x 2 (Dot, Crescent)
Laos, Lanchang, Circa. 1550 - 1570 Canoe Silver Ingot / Lat, 1/2 Tamlung
Hartill 3.10 Early China Round shoulder Spade Coin AN YI ER JIN Wei State 400 BC
Triangle Yuan variation! Silver Fatman Dollar Yuan Shikai Year 3, Republic China
China-Northern Song Dynasty 5 Cash 1102-1106 AD, Emperor Hui Zong Chong Ning.
14 Ancient Chinese Coins(100-2000 yrs old)
China-Northern Song Dynasty 1 Cash 990-994 AD Dot Emperor Tai Zong Chun Hua Rare
Tomcoins-China Zhou Dynasty Bone cowries two types 24&19MM
16 different Ancient Chinese Coins(Song Dyn. 1000 yrsold)
China-Ming Dynasty 1 Cash 1573-1620 AD Emperor Shen Zong Wan Li Tong Bao R11.
Ten Kingdoms/ Qian Heng ZB Lead 25mm
Khoqand, Central Asia C#130 1279 AH, AR Tenga, Small Coin [3524.0107]
Hartill 3.33 RARE Early China Spade Money Wei State 400 BC Jin Yang Er (Two) Jin
Wang Mang/ Huo Quan 22.2, 22.6mm x 2
Ancient Chinese Wang Mang Spade Money Coin, HUO BU 7-25 AD * Authentic *
Silver Proof Coin Hartill 15.14 Zhou Yuan Tong Bao AD 955 from Buddhist Statues
Emperor Shen Zong China Coin
Hartill 20.229 RARE CHINA Ming Dynasty Large Tian Qi 10 cash one Tael AD 1621-27
Ant Nose Money : Ge Liu Zhu (H: 18.8mm 2.1g)
Ancient Silk Road Civilizations 20 Bronze Coin Collection In Presentation Box
N. Song/ Yuan Feng TB 2 Cash 29mm x 2
Ancient Silk Road 20 Silver Coin Collection in Beautiful Presentation Box
Xi Xia/ Guang Ding YB 21.3mm (Mint problem)
Szechuan Province, Horse and Orchid Copper 5 Cash Coin 1918-1930 Republic China
Islamic Mongols_Time of Chingiz (Genghis Khan)_1206 - 1227 AD_Billon Jital
Qing Dynasty/ Dao Guang TB 25~26mm x 6
#835 China; Yuan Feng T'ung Pao; Standard Script; 1078
Ban Liang 31mm 4g
N. Song/ Yuan Feng TB 2 Cash 29.7mm x 2 (Seal)
Chinese bronze commemorativ coin - Da Guang Tong Bao, 98mm, Nothern Song Dynasty
Ming Dynasty/ Yong Le TB 23.4mm x 2
600 diff. XF-AU Ancient China 1-cash Coins, Northern Song Dynasty, AD 960-1125
Jin Dynasty/ Da Ding TB 25.3mm
Xi Xia/ Tian Sheng YB 23.6mm
Xin Dynasty. Wang Mang (AD 7-23) Money Spade ND (After AD 14)
Sui Dynasty/ Wu Zhu 22.8mm
*UNC* China ND 1004-1007 1 Cash JingDe Yuan Copper Coin Bao Zhen Zong Jing De
Tang Dynasty/ Kai Yuan TB 24~25mm x 6
N. Song/ Yuan Feng TB 2 Cash 29.2mm x 2 Seal - (Dot, Crescent)
2-Binding China Yuan Dynasty Amulet Coins, QIAN QIU WAN SUI, Alms to Temples
S. Song/ Duan Ping TB 5 Cash 34.9mm
China Warring States Square-foot Spade, LARGE-size Liang Yi, H-3.225
Ban Liang 30.4mm 4g
Ban Liang 28.3mm 3.7g
112 diff. XF-AU Ancient China 2-cash Large Coins, Northern Song, AD 1071-1125
Ban Liang 28.4mm 2.8g
Ancient Chinese Coin, Lot of 31
S. Song/ Jian Yan TB 2 Cash 28.5mm x 2 (Seal)
Hartill3.183 Authentic Square foot spade money An Yang Zhao Zhou dynasty 350 BC
Rare Chinese 2-cash bronze coin, Zhi Yan Tong Bao, Yuan Dynasty AD1280—1294
N. Song/ Xi Ning ZB 2 Cash 29mm x 2 (Seal)
Bulky China Song to Yuan Dynasty Amulet Coin, GUI HE QI SHOU at both sides
Ming Dynasty/ Yong Le TB 24.6mm x 2
Hartill 20.157 China Ming Wan Li Tong Bao Rev Gong Wanli Emperor 1572-1620 AD
China Ming Dynasty Tian Qi Tong Bao, YUAN on reverse. AD 1621-1627. H# 20.202
Xi Xia/ Huang Jian YB 24.8mm (Mint problem)
China Southern Song IRON 1-cash Chun Xi Yuan Bao, Seal Script, CHUN 10, AD 1183
N. Song/ Chong Ning ZB 5 Cash 37.3mm
China 2000 UNC 100 Yuan Commemorative POLYMER Note, P-902
S. Song/ Duan Ping TB 5 Cash 35.6mm
Ancient China Northern Wei Dynasty Terra-cotta Statue of a Buddha, AD 386-534.
Tomcoins-China Zhou Dynasty large stone cowry 27mm
China Eastern Han Dynasty Liu Yan Wu Zhu, w/ Reversed Legend, AD 188-214
Hartill 18.76 Jin dynasty, the Pretender Liu Yu of Chi year title Fou Chang 1130
China LARGE 10-cash Tong Zhi Zhong Bao, 34.5 mm, a SAMPLE Coin?
Warring States Period/ Ban Liang 23mm 3.8g
Ban Liang 30.3mm 4g
China Liao Dynasty Da Kang Yuan Bao, H-18.15, AD 1075-1084
N. Song/ Xi Ning ZB 2 Cash 30.8, 31.8mm x 2
China Mongolian Yuan Dynasty Horse Amulet Coin, Bai Ju, AD 1271-1368
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Ancient Chinese Coin Discovered in Kenya Proves Asian Nation Traded With Africa Before Europeans
Researchers said trade had played an essential role in the development of Manda, and Chinese coin found during the Manda excavation between De. 10 2012 and Feb. 10, 2013, may highlight the importance of trade in Manda's ancient colony. "Chinese currency in ...
Ancient Roman coins on auction at Toronto Coin Expo
McDonald founded the Canadian Paper Money Society and began publishing its magazine four times per year. In 1991, he created the Classical & Medieval Numismatic Society when he became interested in acquiring coins from ancient Rome. “You can study them ...
Coin enthusiasts to gather in Albany
Most vendors, she said, are willing to buy, sell or trade coins. "If you have a coin, or several items, that you want to find out the value, most vendors will be glad to assist people," she said. "Don't bring in large collections. They don't have time to ...
Ancient coins, script of Indus civilization on exhibition
and medieval period coins of India (Islamic period) respectively. "The last stage is of machine-minted money introduced in British India. Today we are using paper and plastic money," said Bhatt adding, "Exhibition like this can be very ...
PayPal accepts coins and paper currency at Coinstar kiosks
and some parts of Europe. Customers can add up to US$500 using coins and paper money to a PayPal account each calendar month, while withdrawals are limited to $500 in a calendar month and $200 per day, Coinstar said. Coinstar's coin-counting fee of 9.8 ...
Coin Rarities & Related Topics: Million Dollar Coins & Notes Lead Central States Auction, Part 2
News and Analysis regarding scarce coins, coin markets, and the coin collecting community #166 ….. For the first time, an auction of coins, patterns, medals and paper money contained seven ... By 2012, quite a few ancient or European coins had sold ...