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Beautiful Edo Period Japan 2 Shu Gold Coin, 1.63 gm No reserve
Scarce Mircea I "the Old" Grandfather Vlad the Impaler Dracula silver coin NR
AH 451-492 (AD 1059-1099) Ghaznavid, Ibrahim Gold Dinar VF
15 silver,bronze medieaval coins - Hungary,Austria,other - 12th-17th cen. #105
(K62)Chaghataid AR dirhem, Samarkand 686 AH
Rare coins and paper money valued at $100 million on display in New Orleans
Its coins can be identified by the distinctive "O'' mintmark. Coins from the mint are on display at the show, as well as paper money and historic tokens produced in or for New Orleans and other locations in Louisiana. Some of the items are nearly 300 years ...
Infographic – Money: The Cold Hard Facts
In God We Trust” did not appear on paper currency until 1963 - The Bureau of Engraving ... could be anywhere from 20 to 30 years on cash and 50 to 60 years on coin. However older currency very likely is out there. - U.S. mint is responsible for producing ...
PayPal accepts coins and paper currency at Coinstar kiosks
A PayPal alliance with Coinstar is being expanded to some parts of the U.S., allowing customers to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds to PayPal accounts through Coinstar kiosks. After a trial which started in 2011 in the Dallas metropolitan ...
Rare coins and paper money valued at $100 million on display in New Orleans
NEW ORLEANS - Coin enthusiasts are getting a glimpse of more than $100 million worth of rare money, including some of the crown jewels of money collecting at the National Money Show in New Orleans. Among the attractions are two exceedingly rare 1913 ...
Rare coins and paper money valued at $100 million on display in New Orleans
Coins are history," said Douglas Mudd, curator of the American Numismatic Association Money Museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado ... "I find that when you go in your average coin shop, you don't see too many really early American issues of coins, but ...
(K96)Chaghataid AR dirhem Almaligh w. Tibetian word MAM
Medieval Silver 21mm Templar Crusader Church 11th-12th Century
M40-05 Hungary Bela II 1131-1142AD AR Denar
Islamic Mongols Ilkhans Hulagu Khan 1255-1265 AR Dirham Diler H-27
pirate treasure 1556-1598 Phillip II 1/2 m. spanish coin colonial cob Medieval
Aethelred II The Unready King of England Bronze Styca Coin 1,000 years old NR
Rare Pope Gregory XI Silver Denier Coin 1370 - 1378 ~750 years old No reserve
(K64)Chaghataid AR dirhem, Kashghar, Rare!
Medieval Coin 1200s Duchy Of Burgundy Duke Hugo Iv Denier 1218-1272
AD 591-628 Khusru II Ancient Sasanian Silver Drachm VF
Islamic Umayyad al-Walid I 705-715 AR Dirham AH90 Naysabur(Nishapur) A-128
England Anglo-Saxon silver coin, Cnut, pointed helmet type penny
POLAND. Sigismund III Silver 3 Polker, 1621-1625 date run - Lot of 5
POLAND. Sigismund III Silver 3 Polker, 1622-1625 - Lot of 5
Outstanding Viking King Cnut the Great Silver Penny Canute
Spanish King Charles II "The Mad" Bronze Coin 1699 4.7 gm, 22 mm No reserve
(K75)Chaghataid AR dirhem, Taraz 677 AH
X Rare Edward the Elder King of Wessex Saxon Englan Silver Penny 1.55 gm No Rsrv
(10816)Qarakhanid AE fals Muhammad b. Ali Samarkand 406 AH Rare!
1625-1642 SCOTLAND 20 Pence CHARLES I Silver Coin RARE #2A
England Anglo-Saxon silver coin Harold 1035-40 Jewel cross type CONRICH ON LINCO
India Hunnic Tribes Sind Yashaditya 7th Century AR Damma
Rare Ottoman Sultan Mustafa IV Gold Sultani Coin 1808 Only ruled 1 year
(046)Chaghataid AR big
Islamic Abbasids al-Mamun 810-835 AR Dirham Samarqand AH201 A-223.4
ANGLO-SAXON, St Eadmund Memorial Penny Oct18
Tang garrisons Xinjiang 780-783 - Jian Zhong Tong Bao & single character Zhong
Medieval Silver Holy Templar Crusades 1305-1323 17mm DeLaRoche
Lot of (3) AD 199-222 Indo-Scythian Western Kshatrapas Ancient Silver Drachms VF
Ireland Dublin, Edward I, silver penny, 1272-1307
(K66)Chaghataid AR dirhem, Taraz 677 AH
India Kushan Empire Vima Takto 90-113 AE Didrachm 11 Rays ANS Kushan 179
ANGLO-SAXON, Northumbria. Irregular styca, Civil war between Osberht and Aella
Crusader Cross Antique Europe Medieval Jetons Templar Knight Lot
Mongol Great Khans Chingiz 1206-27 AE Siege Jital Malik of Kurzuwan AH618 A-1971
POLAND. Lot of 4, Sigismund III Silver 3 Polker, 1624, Bromberg
(K80)Chaghataid AR dirhem, Shash
MATTHIAS II OF HUNGARY SILVER DENAR______Dated 1614 AD______Madonna & Child
Circa 1272 to 1307 A.D. Silver Edward I Penny from Great Britain
Stunning Merovingian Silver Denier Coin 600 - 700 AD France 1,300 years old+ NR
IS16-36 Harun Al-Rashid legendary caliph of 1001 Nights, AR Dirham Baghdad AH189
Medieval Bronze Nummis Coin c. 1000 - 1690's AD - Sold Individually
Stunning Carolingian Emperor Louis the Pious Silver Denier Coin Charlemagne son
India Kabul Shahis (Shahiyas) Samanta Deva 850-1000 AR Jital Tye 14 Choice AU
SPAIN. Lot of 5 coins, Alfonso X, Ferdinand and Isaballa, Philip II, 1252-1566
(11394)Chaghataid AE fals Andigan, Uygurian script RRR!
M28-14 Russia, Ivan the Terrible (1530-1584AD), silver denga, Tver 1535-1538AD
SPAIN. Ferdinand and Isabella, (Catholic Kings), 1469-1504, Lot of 6
Rare Pope Urban VIII Silver Coin 1623 - 1644 No reserve
Lot of 6 Austria Coins from 14th & 15th Century - Most 1 Pfennig Silver
Silver Medieval European denar coin (0G416) madonna and child ferdinand
Sasanian Kings Khusru II 590-628 AR Drachm NAL Year 20 #210915
5 Small Billon Medieval SICILY Coins
Islamic Afsharids Nadir Shah 1736-47 AR 6 Shahi Tiflis(Tbilisi) AH1151 KM-376.7
SPAIN. Ferdinand and Isabella, (Catholic Kings), 1469-1504, Lot of 3
Authentic Sunken Treasure Galleon Atocha Mel Fisher Mini Piece of Eight 25 SW
(K90)Chaghataid AR dirhem, Jenkshi, Otrar 736 AH
LIVONIA, Swedish Occupation. Christina Billon Solidus, 1647
(11557)Tahirid AE fals, Khwarezm
ENGLAND. Elizabeth I Hammered Silver Sixpence, Third and Fourth Issues, 1562
(11023)Samanid AE fals, Ismail b. Ahmad Shash 280 AH
(11221)Samanid AE fals Nuh b. Mansur + Amid, Samarkand 383 AH RR
Medieval 10 Coin Collection with holes 1500s & 1600s (Lot KL23
IS12-08 Amir of Qunduz, 907 AH, AE 2 Dinars, deer
(10949)Samanid AE fals Nasr 1 b. Ahmad Shash 254 AH
(K67)Chaghataid AR dirhem, Iangi
(K69)Chaghataid AR dirhem, Almaliqh
Islamic Qajar Agha Muhammad Khan 1779-1797 AR Rupi Kashan AH1206 A-2844 RR
Sasanian Silver Drachm Medieval Coin
Medieval Bela coin (0491) rare type great details
(10567)Qarakhanid AE fals, Ilaq
Medieval Silver Coin Token European Medal Artifact Antique Currency Ancient Rare
Islamic Zand Rebels Taqi Khan Baqfi 1785-1787 AR Rupi Yazd ND KM-A567 RRR
(042)Chaghataid AR big, Yesun-Timur, Samarkand 740 AH
Parthia Gotarzes I Silver Drachm 95-87 BC
LIVONIA, Swedish Occupation. Christina Billon Solidus
Rare Abbey of St. Martin Tours Silver Denier Coin 13th Century 800 years old, NR
pirate treasure 1598-1621 Phillip III 2 m. spanish coin colonial cob Medieval
(10815)Qarakhanid AE fals Ahmad b. Ali Usrushana 405 AH R
(10722)Qarakhanid AE fals, Kharashket RRR
1390-1406 AD Medieval Spanish Blanca Coin Henry ENRIQUE III Castile Lion 23mm
Medieval Silver Crusader Italy Rome Vatican Crusader 13mm 14th Century
Nice Sultan Muhammad Shah Silver Rupee Coin Mughal India 1719 - 1748 No reserve
(11247)Samanid AE fals Ismail b. Ahmad Samarkand 288 AH
M25-12 Passau, Germany, Otto von Lonstorf 1254-1265AD, AR Pfennig, Bear rampant!
(K76)Chaghataid AR dirhem, Taraz
LOT OF 9 SILVER COINS OF THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE______From the 17th to 19th Centuries
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11100
Ancient Roman coins on auction at Toronto Coin Expo
When Jim Bakes was a teenager in the late 1950s, there was a store called Carmichael’s on Bloor St. The shop sold ancient Roman coins, silver denarii and gold aurei that gleamed from a display case in the ... of starting a collection hasn’t.
Legal Tender Coins to Mark 2013
New Zealand Post has released the 2013 edition in its ongoing series of currency coin sets ... the 2013 New Zealand Annual Coin – with a face value of $5 - featuring the short-tailed bat. This unique and ancient species of bat is listed by DOC ...
Lear Capital Offers 20-for-1 Deal on the $10 Indian Head Gold Coin
In 1905, famed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens took up the challenge of revitalizing ... Saint-Gaudens fashioned an avant-garde $10 gold coin that features Lady Liberty wearing a Native American headdress on the front and the majestic American Eagle ...
Million-dollar coin collection comes to the Valley
That's when, at a big trade show, she came across a relatively common Byzantine coin from 900 A.D. The front bore the image of Jesus Christ and on the back was inscribed "King of ... She paid $100 for the coin and began her journey to share the history ...
Visit (Auctioneer ID# 4958) for Photos of every lot, and Catalog Order of Sale. Doors open at 11:30 A.M. Sunday June 16 for a period of inspection. Pick up your complimentary catalog at the door. First lot sells 1 P.M. sharp. FEATURING ...
Lear Capital Offers Popular 20 for 1 Deal on $10 Indian Head Gold Coins
Inspired by the magnificence of ancient art and marking the start of the Golden Age of American coinage, Saint-Gaudens fashioned an avant-garde $10 Gold coin that features Lady Liberty wearing a Native American headdress on the front and the majestic ...